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In order to drive widespread adoption, any disruptive technology requires both cutting-edge educational content and engaging community events.

Speaking Engagements & Thought Leadership

Experiences with an insightful understanding of innovation, Sheraz Ahmed has advised hundreds of startups on the implementation of modern practices to further the business objectives. He is a Global Shaper of the Geneva Hub, an initiative of the World Economic Forum driving dialogue, action and change.

Sheraz is the Managing Partner of STORM Partners, an all-in-one solution provider for the cryptocurrency and blockchain space in Europe – who bring together the brightest minds across numerous subject areas to provide a 360° service offering led by industry experts.

He additionally drives growth, collaboration and integrity across the global blockchain ecosystem through his role as a Head of Business development at the Crypto Valley Association. Sheraz truly believes that through digitalisation and increased inter-connectivoty, the world become a brighter place and is delighted to be able to do his part in pushing it forward.

Workshops, Online Courses, & Conference Development

Create, launch, and sell out your next industry event with STORM Partners. Launching a successful online, local or global event takes serious planning, curriculum, resources & marketing.

  • The connections to the right industry players to create your dream event.
  • The introductions to the top keynote speakers, teachers, & thought leaders that people want to see.
  • The invitations to the right mix of companies, communities, vendors, and startups to create the event atmosphere you really envisioned.
  • The creation of true connections through engaging panels, inspiring workshops, fired-up breakout sessions, and awesome event spaces that promote authentic networking.

Bespoke Training

Bring together your team for bespoke blockchain & crypto training.

Perhaps you’re already up to speed on the current blockchain & crypto space, but you wish your team and company were all on the same page with you.

Or maybe you know deep down this blockchain technology has the potential to completely revolutionize your industry… but you just don’t know how specifically it could be implemented.

It could be that simply your team is struggling with specific skills, relevant knowledge, or the right technical mastery to really drive forward your company goals.

We understand. We can help.

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