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Does your company have the funds it needs to weather the STORM?

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Expert Finance Solutions in DeFi, STO, NFT and IEO/ICO.

You simply can't focus on your mission while you're bogged down with preparing financial audits, worrying about having enough capital, liaising back-and forth with investors, or trying to figure out the compliance regulations.

3 Steps to Creating the perfect STORM

Preparing for Success

Phase 1 Internal Audit

This phase is focused on fully preparing our clients behind the scenes — to ensure they have everything they need to impress investors globally.

During this phase, the STORM Partners finance department dives deep into the client’s project to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, strategy, product, and market positioning. It’s also the opportunity to conduct a detailed evaluation of the relevant documentation to ensure investors have what is required in terms of due diligence.

Clients receive a detailed internal audit report with our top strategic recommendations, and actionable insights.

External Audit (Strategic Partners)

Phase 2 Playing the Devil's Advocate

This phase is the opportunity to have our client’s project evaluated by an experienced and curated group of investors in our extensive network.

STORM Partners also reviews each project with our STORM Advisory Counsel — made up of more than 50 experts across a variety of industries and expertise. A great chance to connect with potential future project advisors in niche areas…

Investor Pitch Campaign

Phase 3 The Fundraise

Now is the opportunity for STORM Partners to leverage our global network of investors in order to present a fully prepared client pitch. This phase is focused on the goals of the client in terms of their fundraising targets with investors that are aligned with their vision.

We focus on not only a successful fundraise, but on building long-term relationships between investors and clients.

Success Stories