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Sometimes it’s hard to find clarity in the eye of the STORM…

Legal & Compliance Services

Expert Legal & Compliance solutions for corporations and startups operating within the crypto and blockchain space

Swiss Quality Bespoke Advisory

We can take care of your project's entire legal & compliance side

Everything you need to operate your project in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


Chief Legal Officer as a Service

A long-term partner to navigate the uncertainties and complexities of the crypto space

There is a certain peace of mind that comes with having expert legal advice & support that has a complete understanding of your industry on demand.

We offer companies of all sizes a flexible monthly plan to have legal representation and a Chief Legal Officer on demand.

We support a range of projects in facing the multiple challenges arising from regulatory uncertainty and cross-jurisdiction issues characterising the crypto space.

Sort your legal, compliance, and regulatory worries today.

And the Best Part?

Together with the Corporate Finance & Fundraising and the Marketing teams, we can support you in document creation, graphic design, and technical copywriting so that you distribute 100% legally compliant content.

Most Requested Legal Services

Legal opinion assessing the qualification of your digital token under Swiss, UK and EU law.

Legal consulting on projects concerning the tokenisation of rights or physical assets.

We support you in designing the best legal structure for tokenisation initiatives with tailor-made solutions based on your project’s characteristics.

The drafting of legal documents for digital assets related activities, such as Coin/Token Sales Agreements, Terms & Conditions, offering disclaimers, referral agreements, subscription agreements, code of conducts & internal policies.

Legal review services for whitepapers and all advertising content related to digital assets offerings and other crypto-related business initiatives to prevent the possibility of future liabilities.

Legal assistance for the listing of a digital asset on centralised or decentralized exchange platforms. We support you in the selection of the platform and in negotiating the listing’s conditions.

Creating the legal structure for business or non-profit initiatives involving DLT and digital assets. We help you select the most appropriate jurisdiction for your project, designing a tailor-made solution based on your demands.

Based on the characteristics of your project, we design the ‘law’ of your platform to define the mutual rights and obligations towards your users clearly.

We support you in protecting your intellectual property through trademark registration, copyright, trade secrets and patents.  

We help you understand where and how your blockchain-related project can come to life.

We support creating cross-jurisdiction corporate structures to take advantage of the best regulatory frameworks.

Most Requested Compliance Services

We assist your company with AML/KYC obligations compliance, supporting you in structuring your internal policies and procedures. We can help you select an external KYC service provider, and we can provide an AML Officer for your company.

We assist digital assets service providers (e.g. exchanges, launchpads, custodians, and DeFi platforms) in operating in compliance with the applicable legal framework and dealing with FINMA or other competent regulatory authorities.

Independent legal audits and due diligence for banking and financial institutions dealing with businesses related to digital assets. We support you in evaluating and mitigating the regulatory risk.

Privacy policy, Cookie policy, and GDPR compliant EU Data Protection Officer.

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