STORM Partners commits to take a leading role in the evolution of the blockchain & crypto ecosystem. To maximize the success, minimize the risks, and help move the entire industry towards a decentralized future that will change lives.

Sheraz Ahmed

Managing Partner of STORM Partners

This space has truly changed since I started in the early days of the quiet crypto revolution. I've seen the ups, the downs, and everything in between. And I loved it all.

But things have changed, haven't they?

The big players entering the space, new technologies coming to market almost daily, and now the traditional finance industry is about to open the floodgates to true global adoption. It's coming. You feel it, and we both know it's going to change the world.

Swiss Based & Trusted By Industry Leaders

STORM Partners commits to take a leadership role in the evolution of the blockchain & crypto ecosystem. To maximize the success, minimize the risks, and help move the entire industry towards a decentralized future that will change lives.


We envision a world where every human being can truly thrive. And we believe decentralization through blockchain technologies can bring us closer to that future.


To provide expert strategies, innovative solutions, and trustworthy support to help companies like you to build the future… today.


STORM Partners commits to take a leadership role in the evolution of the blockchain & crypto ecosystem. To maximize the success, minimize the risks, and help move the entire industry towards a decentralized future that will change lives.

is our ability to translate a vision into reality.

is our promise to live and work authentically to build trust.

is our demand for excellence in everything we do.

is what drives our deeper purpose in building the future.

The Executive Team

Sheraz Ahmed

Managing Partner

About Sheraz

Sheraz will do whatever it takes to ensure that you are happy with the services provided by STORM Partners. Through digitalisation and increased interconnectivity, he believes that the world will become a brighter place.

Alex Merritt

Head of Marketing

About Alex

Alex manages the digital and brand strategies for our clients within the blockchain, DeFi, NFT & metaverse space. He is an avid NFT collector, futurist and blockchain enthusiast.

Nicola Massella

Head of Legal

About Nicola

When legal matters arise, Nicola finds himself at the center... But for all the right reasons! He excels at analysing your needs, finding the most optimal paths. In the details, decisions are made with your best interest at heart.

Adrian Bono

PR Manager

About Adrian

Adrian is our PR & Media manager and a journalist with over fifteen years of experience in print, online media, and TV. After specializing in international affairs and disinformation, he now promotes blockchain and crypto literacy.

Andrew Ridgway

Innovation Specialist

About Andrew

A background in Engineering means that Andrew has the mind required to come up with new and exciting strategies and ideas that take projects to the next level. He works closely with clients to help them realize their Web3 goals.

Duncan Oluwwaseun

Design Manager

About Duncan

A man of many talents, Duncan has the ability to easily grasp the scope of any task given to him and can turn it into pure magic. His capacities have been refined through years of experience working on award winning campaigns.

Sebastian Sherif


About Sebastian

After studying French & German business Law in Nanterre and Potsdam and being involved on European issues, Sebastien is now an entrepreneur in Compliance and helping STORM Partners with Investors Relations Issues.
Rocco Impecora

Rocco Impecora

Legal Specialist

About Rocco

Based in Milan and our headquarters in Montreux, Rocco is a vital member of the legal team at Storm, with meticulous attention to detail that allows him to provide the legal services required by our clients.

Momodou Khan


About Momodou

A copywriter and content creator with previous experience at a European telecoms corporation. Momodou works with several departments within the company to create copy and social content strategies.

Jeffrey Morrell

Influencer Manager

About Jeffrey

Jeffrey manages our PR and Influencer strategies, while also supporting the rest of the marketing team as a blockchain copywriter. He has great experience within the crypto world and is an incredibly meticulous researcher.

Luke Courtenay-Smith

Senior Marketing Manager

About Luke

Our Senior Marketing Manager Luke is an innovative strategist with experience across a number of companies in the digital sector. He has since started his own company which specializes in Web3 consultancy, working with agencies, brands, and developers.

Adrian Pell

Project Manager

About Adrian

As a project manager Adrian is a dedicated and crucial member of our marketing team. He brings a range of experiences from previous positions in multinational corporations, as well as the entrepreneurial mentality of a business owner.

Matthew Glowacki

Senior Strategist

About Matthew

Matt is a senior strategist in Storm’s marketing department with over eight years of experience in the sports and entertainment industry. His expertise is in combining strategy, insight, and creative thought with data-driven evidence and market intelligence.
nara babayeva

Nara Babayeva

Graphic Designer

About Nara

Graphic Designer Nara is a creative and driven artist with extensive experience in the blockchain sector. Her unique style and attention to detail make her a valuable addition to the STORM Partner’s team.
Giovanni Zaccaria

Giovanni Zaccaria

Marketing Specialist

About Giovanni

Marketing analyst Giovanni is based in Northern Italy and has a degree in communication science and marketing from the University of Siena. A blockchain enthusiast with a keen interest in NFTs and IOT, he is also an art enthusiast and collector.

Marco Dal Monte

Legal Specialist

About Marco

Marco is a Legal Advisor/Counsel with years of experience in risk calculation, court procedures, government regulations, drafting research documents, and handling legal correspondence. He has a high skill level in Legal Terminology and Processes.

Nikolaos Evangelatos

Finance Specialist

About Nikolaos

A “Crypto Native” Finance Specialist with experience in investment and trading of digital assets. Involvement in a multitude of activities and projects in CeFi, DeFi and the overall crypto landscape.

Francesco Marotta

Compliance Manager

About Francesco

Francesco is a highly skilled Senior Legal Manager who has provided legal and compliance advice to various cryptocurrency and blockchain-based companies. He brings all the enthusiasm and commitment required at STORM Partners.